Freeman's TCB English Bulldogs

Our Happy and Healthy English Bulldog Puppies


Our Breeding Responsibility

  We are a responsible breeder, raising quality puppies with an emphasis on health. All of our dogs come fully vaccinated and have been examined by the best veterinarians in our area! We take great care in providing a loving environment and we abide by strict standards for worming/inoculation programs.

About The Breed

English Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in North America. They’re known for their friendly, cuddly personality and sweet face that can lure you into a lifetime commitment without even knowing it! Owning an English bulldog isn’t just about privilege; It’s a responsibility. They require a lot of care and should not be left outside for long periods of time. English Bulldogs are not meant to become “outside” pets. They are sensitive to heat due to the stature of their bodies. We strongly suggest that if you are considering having an English Bulldog, do your research and be aware of expenses that come along with caring for this breed, especially if you are considering breeding. 

You can learn more about the breed by clicking here.

Five-Second Rule for Dog Walking

Place your hand on the pavement. If you can’t hold it there comfortably for five seconds, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on it. 

Why Are English Bulldog Puppies Expensive?

Breeding English Bulldogs requires a lot of planning and veterinary care before and after the breeding and birth of the puppies. There is a higher cost associated with breeding English Bulldogs than most breeds.  We have created a table that breaks down the average cost to breed just one litter of puppies. Furthermore, we take pride in what we do and make sure our dogs and pups receive the best care possible.  We also provide our puppies with 24 hour care once they are born.

Breeding cost (per 5 pups)

*out of pocket expenses even if unsuccessful breeding occurs.